Bar La Curva could not exist without Luca Cerone’s beating heart.
Luca has always been of the idea that the characterising element of his business were people, which is why he decided to focus on an offer of the highest quality and attentive to customer needs, completely transforming the identity of the family-run tobacconist in a place of butchery products.


Bar La Curva soon became a corner of refined flavours, a welcoming and peaceful meeting place, where being in company is always a joy and the feeling of being at home a real pleasure.

The commitment towards the loyal and passing customer is emphasised by the vast assortment of butchery and non-pork products at his disposal: from the platters of col cuts typical of Calabria and Basilicata, to the best selections of craft beer of the Venetian brewing tradition, to the most fresh and tasty jars of Apulian pickles, with the fragrant truffles of the Umbrian land. All strictly made in Italy.

Entering Bar La Curva you will bring to the table only the cream of the Italian tradition. Thanks to La Curva Shop online you will have a first-rate catalogue available throughout Italy every day, always by your side.

Truffle dressing